Beer Labels

Beer labels were first added to bottles around 1870 in America.

Custom Printed Labels
Custom Beer Labels

No one know's that exact date but it was sometime after the end of the Civil war. For the next 149 years breweries would begin applying beer labels to bottles. The beer labels had many different designs, from simple text, to graphics and logos. All in hopes to expand their beer sales and seperate them from the other beer manufacturers.

Today with advanced label printers and equipment the label printing industry has changed a lot.

With many different selections of label materials like white, clear, or metallic, it has never been more easy to print an exotic beer label that will grab your customers attention.

Custom Beer LabelsBeer Bottle Labels
Beer Bottle Labels
Custom Beer Labels

Bay Tech Label has been printing custom labels since 1986 with excellent customer service and quick delivery all across the United States.

Craft Beer and Micro Brew Label Printing

Craft Beer and Micro Brew LabelsCans or bottles - flexographic or digital printing - small or large runs. We take pride in providing excellent quality beverage labels at a great prices to our clients and we know we are a company you can trust to print your beer can and beer bottle labels.

The label must be durable and perform well during washing, pasteurization, filling, transportation, and storage. Some labels will be under ice water for hours and some maybe
 even days at a time.

We have the perfect technology to produce that eye catching label. The label that has the customer choosing your libation because of what they see and we like to say, "The label may sell the customer on your product the first time, the content is what will have them coming back for more!"

4 color process with 1-2 spot colors AND colored foil AND embossed.

It’s all available here at Bay Tech Label.

Saison Beer Label
Saison Beer Can Label

When it comes to craft breweries, wineries and other bottling and canning label needs, Bay Tech Label delivers. Labels are our business, we leave the brewing up to you.

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Learn More About Beer Labels

Did you know that the TTB recently issued a new ruling regarding nutritional information on beer labels and advertising? Learn more here. Keep in mind; application processing time can be significant. Be sure to get your applications in early. 

Department Of The Treasury - Alcohol And Tobacco Tax And Trade Bureau: The following links about beer labels provide resources intended to help take the mystery out of beer labeling regulations and procedures:

Learn more about government regulations at TTB.GOV

and about government beer labeling requirements.

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